About Us


Founded during the largest economic crisis and collapse in American history since the Great Depression. AHOPE Foundation was born. We recognized a need for new innovative ways to help those who have never asked for help before. The families that are refereed to as the “new working poor” these are families that have multiple sources of income coming in each month but are still paycheck to paycheck or getting by but not getting a head in life.

Affordable Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere (AHOPE)

Mission Statement

AHOPE Foundation is a collaborative organization that assists families of all economic backgrounds to become debt free and accomplish the American dream of home ownership.

By achieving economic self-sufficiency through established financial education program, AHOPE Foundation provides coaching, understandable education, financial empowerment and support services.

Participants will foster positive self-esteem and clear direction of values regarding financial issues which they will encounter throughout their lives. We provide the road map to success; our student participants provide the follow-through to complete their personal goals.

AHOPE Financial Education Program Purpose & Mission

To inform, educate and foster financial integrity, individual self-sufficiency, and economic wellness for our students. While working one-on-one with our student participants to become debt free, thus improving their overall quality of life.

AHOPE Foundation’s Affordable Housing Program Purpose & Mission

AHOPE Foundation knows that real affordable housing is lacking, be it rental or home ownership. AHOPE Affordable Housing program is designed to acquire and rehab, build from the ground up, partner with for profit and non-profit organizations to supply affordable housing. We know that more can be done collaboratively then individually, this is where we come in. We want to bring proven and reliable business models to the affordable housing arena where everyone wins.

AHOPE Foundation, Inc. EIN: 26-3702697


Should a participant be unable to pay for educational programs offered by AHOPE Foundation, fees will be waived so that the individual can participate*

*Once a participant completes our software, and it demonstrates this need, coaches we will work with them to adjust the fee for the program where it will be affordable for them, based on income, debt, expenses, and overall needs.