“I would like to take a moment to highly recommend Michael Schmidt and AHOPE for a tremendous work.  My wife and I became acquainted with Mr. Schmidt and this program around a year and a half ago through a family member.  At that point we were facing some tremendously tough financial decisions and mounting debt.  Our situation was like many these days, leveraged to the max, completely upside down in a mortgage that was about 3x the actual value of our home, paying down what we could with minimal results and becoming very frustrated.  Through counsel and sound advice from AHOPE we made the decisions we needed to and have been aggressively attacking our debt and following the plan that was laid out before us. As of this month we have been able to completely eliminate all debt except for the payments on one car, and with the money that has been freed up from eliminating all other debt we will be 100% debt free by the end of the 1st quarter of 2012.  Our world changed when we realized this one thing; Paying off debt is a game (scheme) in which the cards are clearly stacked against you and without sound advice you could play the game for years (even a lifetime) without making any headway, once you know the rules YOU CAN WIN THIS GAME!

I have learned that when you free up your cash your options greatly increase.

Some decisions are very difficult but when you have an unbiased and knowledgeable counselor on your side you can be sure to see things more clearly with their vision.  Once you take a look at your finances from the 10,000 foot level and with counsel there is much clarity and as you see your debt being eliminated the weight of the world begins to be lifted from your shoulders.  Thank You to AHOPE and Mr. Schmidt for sound advice and encouragement… YOU WERE RIGHT!

Through this we have found a sound advisor, a company and a plan that we believe in and would recommend to others, and a friend, Thanks again Mike.  You do a good work!

Jeffrey C. Riverside County


What AHOPE did for us is like nothing anyone has ever attempted. The help, guidance and simple one on one approach they provided my wife and I is like no other. They really wanted to help. They got us from over $50k in credit card debt, 2 cars, and a mortgage. To a working plan of action that in less than 7 years we will be debt free, own our home free and clear. To think we had the tools as our coach called them we just didn’t know it, and I wonder even if we did would we know what to do with them.

Albert & Kathy D. Ventura


Wow, what can I say our coach Chris. What he did, working with us month after month we thought was above and beyond the call of duty, to find out this is what they do with everyone at AHOPE. We had mounting debt, a mortgage that was adjusting on us, it felt like a train was coming right at us full speed and we had no idea what to do. I was true, we didn’t. We had 27 years left on the mortgage, and if we paid our credit cards on the recommended payments they told us, we needed over $1200 more a month it was out of control. Then we found Chris & Michael, a recommendation from a friend that was also working with AHOPE to get out of debt. We were very skeptical at first, and then the light bulb went off. WE GOT IT. All of the sudden our finances were much clearer to us, we made some changes in our spending, were more honest with ourselves when it came to our budget, which is a big key to this, and at our last session we walked away knowing our debt would be gone in under 2 years, our home in 8 more, so in just under 10 years we would be debt free. I know, it seems like a long time, but we are only 32, that gives us over 20 years to save for our retirement. WOW, these organization is the key to so many problems in America, if only I could tell more people.

Arthur & Kelly S. Los Angeles