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Nothing new – we’re in difficult economic times. A deep recession, joblessness, falling housing and investment values, and a long-standing pattern of saving-less and debt-laden living have left many American households on the financial brink.

· Americans have nearly $850 billion of credit card debt – over $16,000 per  household!

· 29% of Americans default on their credit cards because of the inability to pay

· 50% of American’s say they couldn’t come up with $2,000 in 30 days for an emergency

· The average household savings account is only $395.

· Americans have less than $68,000 in personal retirement savings per households.



But there’s HOPE.

In challenging times, managing your financial resources and obligations well is key. AHOPE Foundation provides people caught in the stress and destruction of debt with planning tools and coaching services needed to move from surviving to thriving!

· Pay-off your personal debt

· Own your home free and clear

· Be more charitable

· Save for retirement and invest in your future

Our financial coaches provide you with the ongoing support and sound advice you need– not insurance or investment products. Our only interest is your financial success. Let us help you today!