Individual Coaching

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Why choose Financial Freedom Classes

What we offer that’s different from other organizations.

  •  We EDUCATE you, “not just do it for you.”
  •  We INFORM you, on your next steps during each class you have with our coaches
  •  We FOSTER financial integrity and wellness
  •  We offer STRUCTURE to your individual financial situation
  •  We DO NOT go on your credit as a chapter 13 bankruptcy like the other companies debt programs
  •  We are NOT a debt management plan
  •  We really do change the QUALITY of your life.
  •  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

AHOPE Foundation Presentation of Financial Freedom Classes One-on-One Coaching program is an intensive coaching and overall cash flow management planning system. The program utilizes advanced financial strategies and techniques that greatly accelerate the elimination of debt and establish a new way of thinking about money and cash flow. You continue to make the same household money but are presented a financial education that will change your thinking.

AHOPE Foundations One-on-One Coaching Program includes:

  1. One-on-One individualized coaching sessions designed around each participant’s person financial situation. What is presented in these sessions is intended for the individual’s only, not to be provided to others as it is personalized to you and your financial position and situation
  2. You will have six (6) consecutive monthly coaching sessions on the same day and time each month for six months, which is followed up with four (4) quarterly sessions for the next year, meaning we are working with you for the next eighteen (18) months.
  3. Sessions last up to one hour in duration
  4. A customized written action plan that will get you on your path to financial freedom.
  5. Increase in credit scores, a decrease in debt, decrease in interest payments all within the six (6) month coaching sessions and will continue as long as you stick to the program
  6. Goal and milestone setting within the program
  7. A financial picture moving forward so you can control your own finances, your own 401(k). (We do not provide any financial advice regarding investments, insurance, IRA’s, 401(k)’s or anything similar to these topics)

 AHOPE Foundations One-on-One Coaching Program Commitment includes:

  1. We obligate ourselves to diligently analyze our students financial position and situation and determine the best course of action and strategies that when applied will accelerate the debt elimination process, and ensure the highest level of service and satisfaction to each and every one of our students
  2. We are committed to helping eliminate our students debt through our program, which include any and all credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, student and personal loans, collection accounts, charge offs, judgment’s, state and federal tax debts and or liens.
  3. We are committed to a no-nonsense, straightforward approach when communicating with our students; we tell you what you need to hear to get out of debt.
  4. We are dedicated to providing the best advice to our student’s even if that means that the advice requires making tough financial decisions or lifestyle choices when the situation requires it.

Our program is different, not new methods but new applications of existing philosophies that will change your overall outlook  on your financial picture and financial future.

We have utilized what the banking and mortgage industry have used for years to figure out loans and reversed the system on them. This will allow the average person to enjoy becoming and being debt free for life. While having the ability to put away, invest or save for retirement outside of work. No more mortgage payment or car payment each month. Just think, if your mortgage was $2000 and you had 28 years left (which is 336 month), and with our program it was paid off in less than 8 years. That’s 240 months to invest that same $2000. Say you could invest it at 3%, see below for what you would have grown it to over 20 years.

This is what our program does. Contact us now to get started.